MSWC Funds Limited SPC

Cayman incorporated company MSWC Funds Limited SPC (formerly Bassingbourn Funds Limited SPC) is a multi-asset investment fund.

The Segregated Portfolio’s investment objective is to provide investors with consistent net returns on capital invested (“ROI”) on a best efforts basis of over 1.0% gross per month by pursuing and reinvesting capital gains and income from its investments in the international capital markets.

The Segregated Portfolio’s investment strategy is to trade and invest globally by the use of (regulated and/or unregulated) collective investment schemes (open-or closed-end), cash or money market instruments, long and short exposures in equities, government and corporate debt securities, indices of any kind, commodities and commodity-based instruments, currencies and currency-based instruments, ETFs, structured notes (or other structured products) and/or derivative instruments on any of the foregoing.

Accordingly, the Segregated Portfolio will usually utilise regulated and or listed instruments wherever possible and appropriate; and, where appropriate, invest in absolute return strategies via fund investments which afford the Investment Manager the necessary transparency to affect its risk management philosophy.

The Segregated Portfolio may in future invest in shares or units of UCITS or funds controlled by the investment Manager, or its associates, provided that such investments are made in good faith.

Although diversification is a primary goal, the Segregated Portfolio may also take certain concentrated positions, and (other than as stipulated herein) there shall be no maximum exposure to any of the foregoing types of investment other than the limits set internally by the Directors from time to time.